Company History
Professional manufacturer in all kinds of sophisticated criminal surveillance equipment for export to countries around the world than government agencies and intelligence units, but also Mongolian National Police Administration. Criminal Investigation Bureau and the Taipei County Police Department's Criminal large purchases.
Successful companies awarded the Asia Pacific Award.
FY merchandise prize awarded listening equipment.
College appointed police officers of criminal grassroots workshops, the first40.41.42. 43Of lectures.
Appointed director of the National Police Administration Criminal workshops, the first1 ~ 5Of part-time lecture.
Criminal cadres have been appointed to the National Police Agency reserves the workshop, the first1.2Of lectures.
Appointed criminal cadres of the Central Police University, workshops, first. 2 lectures.
Appointed the Central Police University,Police are workshops, the seventh. 8 lectures.
Won the Directorate General of Telecommunications issued a low-power radio equipment the only certification license.
Taiwan police cadres in the Office of Safeguards workshop seminars.
Tonga Police Investigation and Prevention Seminar Distinguished Lecture.
Interpol Taipei appointed brigade Criminal Investigation and Prevention workshop seminars.
Southeast Asian allies won Intelligence Agency, Chair of Investigation and Prevention Seminars.
Cambodia Intelligence Distinguished Lecture award.
Chile won the Distinguished Lecture Intelligence Agency.
Ministry of Education set up crime prevention. Professional integration of crime prevention and surveillance equipment, education and training courses.
Directorate General of Telecommunications Management Office awarded the Distinguished Lecture radio.
United Arab Emirates won the Distinguished Lecture security minister.
EPA Environmental Protection police officers are awarded the Distinguished Lecture.
Won the National Police Agency Safeguards workshop Distinguished Lecture competent cadres.
Preservation of Management, Kainan University, won the Distinguished Lecture.
Room was awarded the National Police Agency Safeguards Safeguards specialization workshops Distinguished Lecture.
won the British ITN television feature stories.
won the U.S. Time magazine special report.
won the National Communications Commission issued telecommunications control equipment operating license based frequency.
Device by North Zi No. N097000856
won the special interview with Japan's TV Asahi.
won the NCCNational Communications Commission:Global satellite tracking device certification.
Certification Number: CCAB09DG0110T2
Ministry of Justice confirmed that government ethics investigation found the first 6,7-Services Specialization Course on Distinguished Lecture concurrently.
Fu Jen Catholic University Distinguished Adjunct Faculty of Law Crime Investigation Seminar.
West Africa, Burkina Faso, Adjunct Distinguished Lecture.
Our company specialized production intelligence data special-purpose in visual and sense of hearing
 collection evidence equipment.Thanks the television program special subject interview reported.

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